01. My son's hockey team was [provided] with free drinks by a local sponsor following every game.
02. Many restaurants are happy to [provide] free birthday cake if you let them know in advance that you will be bringing a group for a party.
03. The meeting will last from 1:00 to 4:00. Lunch will be [provided].
04. These documents will [provide] you with all the information you need to write your report.
05. I'll be glad to [provide] you with a copy of the hand-out if you want to take a look at it.
06. Analysts predict the company will [provide] over 100 full-time, permanent jobs in the region.
07. There is little [provision] for bicycle commuters on the majority of the main roads in this city.
08. One individual organ transplant donor can [provide] organs, bone, and tissue for 50 or more people in need.
09. Someone once remarked that making drugs illegal is an idealistic policy which, by ignoring the human desires fuelling drug use, only [provides] vast profits for pushers.
10. A rooftop solar water heater needs about three hours of sunshine per day to [provide] enough hot water for a family of four.
11. The City of the Dead, an ancient cemetery in Cairo, [provides] shelter for thousands of the city's poor.
12. Shipbuilding is an important part of the Greek economy, [providing] over 100,000 jobs.
13. Parents can help their children maintain a physically active lifestyle by [providing] encouragement, and opportunities for physical activity.
14. Cows [provide] 90 percent of the world's milk.
15. There is a Bantu proverb which states that work is good, [provided] you do not forget to live.
16. Trees [provide] timber for building, as well as food and shelter for animals.
17. In Japan, gas stoves are preferred to electric stoves because gas [provides] higher temperatures for frying food.
18. According to a recent report, just 15 cash crops such as corn, wheat and rice [provide] 90% of the world's food.
19. More than half the energy consumed during 1975 was [provided] by oil.
20. A mother orangutan is the [provider] of food, warmth, and transportation for her baby.
21. Legouve Pere once noted that a brother is a friend [provided] by nature.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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